Dear Dr. Slavin-
I feel great. My seasonal allergies are minimal and hemorrhoids haven’t bothered me this summer. I haven’t had any moody days where I feel unmotivated which I used to blame on PMS, but I think it was just bad food days. I never have those days where I feel gross and “fat” anymore. I have found it easier to be motivated to workout. I’m not fighting that catch-22 of “I’m too tired to workout, but I know I would have more energy if I did”. I did great reducing my sugar (fruit) intake, even through berry & peach season. I refrained from buying peaches in bulk at Costco…they are missed, but I am better for it. Now that it is fall I would just like to reiterate that my seasonal allergies, which are usually the worst in fall, have been mostly nonexistent! Last year I was popping any pill, many times a day, way over recommended doses and it didn’t work at all. I was unable to sleep due to my sinuses. Last fall I missed work because of sleepless nights and congested days. This year I haven’t taken ANY meds! None! I get a little snotty & sneezy, but then again I work landscaping.

Thanks for helping me sort out my issues, it’s been life changing. 

I hope all is well with you. Thanks again.

Jessie Sip – Vail, CO

Dear Dr. Jacqui

Thank you for giving us our son back!

During high school our son was the Track star.  He trained hard, worked hard and was a happy teenager.  During his first year at college things changed dramatically!  After improving his performance on the Track even as a freshman, and being in line to go to Nationals, all of a sudden things changed.

First, he could not perform the times he had previously performed at college, then he couldn’t even perform at the times he had during high school.

He was tired all the time, kept getting sick, and could not recover from trainings and workouts.

He was not sleeping at night.  He could not eat – this was our son who could eat two servings of dinner at home and then go out for a pizza.  He would have a few bites of food with us at a restaurant, and push his food aside.  He became more and more withdrawn and would call me crying wondering what was going on.

The coaches and athletic trainers told him to take some time off from racing, and then from training with the team.  But even that didn’t help.  The next race was even worse, my son collapsed at the finish.  His heart was pounding out of his chest, his vision was changing and his head was pounding.  Several more weeks of rest and not training with the team did not improve his condition and his depression became severe.

When he came home he locked himself in his room, took down all his previous medals (and broke them into small pieces) and tore up all the articles and awards he had received.  He hid them all in his room until trash day – he didn’t want us to find them.

When I found them – he started crying uncontrollably that he was “washed up”…. that “things would never get better”, and that “he couldn’t go on like this”!

After the detailed consultation with you, investigating his nutrition, his training, his recovery, his sleep, his stress, his history at home and in high school compared to being at college, you helped us identify all the places where things were different and contributing to him not being able to recover.

Your targeted testing – as you expected – revealed genetic variability, that compounded with his deficiencies were affecting his performance, his mood, and his physiology.

Your clear explanation (and helpful diagrams) of how the things he was doing – food, sleep, stress, roommate situation, training, recovery, etc – were affecting his digestion, his “fight or flight” response, his heart rate, his muscle pain, his blood pressure, it all made sense.

Your simple instructions of how and why we want to balance his blood sugar, provide him with sufficient fuel and food for recovery, what types of foods were critical for him.  Supplements that could help in the short term with the symptoms, and then also the right things to recover from the over-training, and how to avoid it in the future.

He is back at school, he is training again, feeling better mentally and physically!  He is happy when he calls home and not crying all the time!

You have given us our son back!
You helped us in so many ways!!!  
Our whole family thinks about food in such a different way.

Thank you for everything.

Holly S. – Eagle, CO

Dear Dr. Jacqui

Thank you for clearing up my itchy, red, painful diaper rash (at age 45), and the big blotchy itch rash on my abdomen, hair line and face! Many years ago my son came to see you – he has Celiac Disease. You told us about new research in the field of gluten intolerance and sensitivity, and helped us design a better eating plan for him. He got so much better, so much healthier and is almost like a new person.

This year, I came to see you after 3 visits to Urgent Care for skin rashes, break outs, hives and “diaper rash” that would not go away. Even with antibiotics, anti-fungal medication, topical and oral steroids – NOTHING was getting better! The antibiotics gave me a yeast infection and upset my stomach, and then I had diarrhea as well! Oh and not to forget joint pain!

Your understanding of the new information about Celiac Disease, Autoimmune Disease, cross reactivity, inflammation and how to calm things down helped me in days, where nothing had helped over 3 months. You helped me to figure out what foods were causing my reactions, you helped me to eat a more balanced diet, you gave me ideas of healthy foods and recipes and even showed me the labels of things to buy and what to avoid!

Sharing your personal experience with me also helped me to know that you understood where I was coming from and that you could sympathize with me. You made things simple in your explanations and I appreciate that you told me where there was “wiggle room” and where I needed to be extra careful.

I have so much more energy. I’m excited about foods I can eat. My pain is much better, and my knee doesn’t have the weird swelling anymore. Oh – and my boyfriend tells me how beautiful my skin is!

Thank you Dr. Jacqui

 Stacey A. – Broomfield, CO