Adrenal Fatigue – Feel Better with The Kalish Method from Dr. Kalish – Recently Presented on

stressYears of various types of stress including overworking, poor eating habits, skipping meals, not getting enough sleep, emotional stress, taking medications and antibiotics, pain and inflammation, raising kids, basically just burning the candle on both ends, adrenals become impaired and cannot recover.

Emotional, Dietary and Inflammatory issues are the 3 major factors that Dr. Kalish focuses on to improve health.

Dr. Slavin has completed Dr. Kalish’s training program and has successfully helped many clients suffering from “adrenal burnout” or “adrenal fatigue” to feel better, improve their energy, and get health and their lives back.

Saliva testing of hormones, investigating sources of stress on the body (including structural, physical, chemical and emotional), and implementing dietary and lifestyle modifications can return you to health.

Genetic variations, digestive system function, blood sugar imbalances are unique to you, based on your personal, family and medical history.  This is personalized, comprehensive solution for returning you to health.

If you are looking for a practitioner following The Kalish Method, Dr. Slavin can help you.

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