Another Success Story

We received this testimonial today about another happier and healthier 30 year old female patient.

I made my first appointment with Dr. Jacqui at the beginning of March, and by today I have already seen amazing results! I have been battling hormonal and glucose imbalances because of PCOS, as well as thyroid and inflammation issues for many years. All these problems caused me endless awful symptoms that were not easy to deal with, on a physical and emotional level. Some of them were embarrassing facial hair, acne, annoying dry skin, mood changes and low energy that affected my work and my relationship with my husband, and the absence of periods. We have tried for the past 3 years to conceive.  We have done 3 rounds of Clomid to try to get pregnant with no results at all.  Before meeting with Dr. Jacqui we went to a very expensive fertility clinic in Denver, where they said they didn’t know if they could help us.  Luckily the food plan that Dr.Jacqui gave me paired with a few supplements resulted to be perfect for me! I started seeing immediate results, and I am so excited about this new way of life. The facial hair decreased, my skin cleared and I don’t need to use make up everyday anymore! (I was wearing make up around the house on weekends as I was embarrassed for my husband to see my skin) my mood is more constant, and energy levels are high. I even lost a few pounds! Most importantly last month I had a period for the first time in years. I am so grateful that finally something works! and that is a natural, safe option that Dr. Jacqui is offering me. I am motivated to continue with my new habits and looking forward to keep feeling better every day. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Jacqui for any issue you may have, now I am a firm believer that food and lifestyle changes can heal us. Thanks Dr. Jacqui!