Are You Buying Products for ORAC Value?

Mangosteen, Acai, Pomegranate, Blueberry – you’ve probably been bombarded about the anti-aging benefits, and may even have tried some of the products, often found in the form of tantalizing juices in glamorous bottle that our out there (sometimes $80 – $100 per bottle!).  I often have clients ask for my opinion on these products, and most of the time I remind them about balancing blood sugar, and that drinking too much sugar without balancing protein and fat is not what we are aiming for, vs. determining which product is the “best”.  So, before you shell out your hard earned $$$, on these often multi-level-marketing juices and tonics, here is well presented look at how to evaluate the ORAC value in your favorite concoction, and whether it truly has the miraculous fountain-of-youth-potion in a bottle.

Ginny Bank, an industry expert in antioxidant research explains that ORAC measurements have changed in the past few decades and that deceptive marketing allows companies to compare new ORAC values with older values and technically not be “lying”.  Also, failing to report serving size values can also be misleading in that ORAC statements may actually be for the entire bottle vs. a single serving.

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