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Integrative & Functional Medicine 

Dr. Grace Slavin, D.C.  


Experience a collaborative partnership on every step of your personalized wellness journey.

Step into a personalized wellness journey
that is uniquely yours.
Experience a collaborative partnership in every step.

 where your tapestry of metabolic, genetic, and environmental factors guide every step.

Dr. Jacqui Slavin

Dr. Slavin is your dedicated health ally, supporting you with practical and personalized care.
Each experience is tailored to your unique circumstances and goals.

A New Wellness Paradigm

Dr. Slavin was shocked and horrified, when she learned in graduate school that it takes 15-20 years for new research to make it into a traditional doctor’s office, and provide updated solutions for patients. Not only is care often dictated by insurance company algorithms and antiquated data, much of the research in first 100 years of traditional medicine did not include women. Understanding how to apply findings from the traditional research to your specific situation and condition takes years of understanding laboratory testing and values, analysis of your specific familial and medical history, and the ability to identify patterns in order to apply appropriate recommendations that are both comprehensive and simple enough to implement. Working alongside Dr. Slavin supports you to “make sense of the research” and “find a better way”.


1 – Meet & Greet Conversation / Discovery Call – Complementary

(15-20 minutes)

15-20 minute phone conversation for you and Dr. Grace to learn a little about each other, as well as some information about your current health concerns and goals. Personal medical advice is not given during this conversation.

2 – Comprehensive Initial Appointment

(~ 2 hours)

Comprehensive Initial Appointment includes detailed medical, environmental and family history, review of any recent and previous lab work, assessment of current supplements, nutrition and lifestyle factors. Together we will prioritize recommendations for moving towards your health goals. 

3 – Follow up Appointments


Follow up Appointments – depending on the level of support you prefer, and / or the complexity of your condition, follow up appointments will be scheduled at regular intervals, or on an as-needed basis. 

You Deserve Comprehensive, Compassionate Care!

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Unique Care

No two people are treated the same way in our office. We spend a lot of time to get a clear picture of your history, current situation and challenges. This is imperative to ensuring individualized care that will help you reach your specific goals.

Root Cause

There are many factors influencing the way you feel today. We strive to identify the root cause of your health concerns so that we can design a comprehensive healing approach specific to you, your lifestyle and your goals.

Prevention & Restoration

With careful assessment and understanding of your body’s unique biochemistry & genetics, we can identify dysfunction before it manifests as disease. Many metabolic, chronic conditions take 10-20 years to develop. If you are looking for a proactive approach, or to reduce progression of “diseases of old age”, we can help you identify early warning signs and work to restore the body’s optimal function and help to mitigate disease progression.


“Dr. Grace is unlike any doctor I’ve seen before.  She persistently asks “why” to get to the root of all the problems.
She functions like a detective discovering what is truly going on with your unique situation. Dr. Grace truly listens, and asks lots of questions to understand your history and health issues on a different level. She worked with me to identify the most effective treatments and solutions. She takes the time to explain each thing individually in a way that makes sense to you. She believes in addressing the simple and fundamental things first, rather than trying to sell you fancy and expensive things. She holds her patients to a high standard and is truly amazing to work with, and undoubtedly can assist anyone in solving their issues and reaching their health goals.”
~ Vicky L. – Pagosa Springs, Colorado
“Your knowledge is so broad! You were able to look at over 15 years of labs and help me make sense of all the varying numbers from my heart scans, to my food sensitivity panels, to my bloodwork, to my genetics, and help me put together a practical plan. Your focus on the fundamentals first, rather than trying to sell expensive labs or supplements is greatly appreciated, as we have been through that process with lots of other doctors in the past. We are so grateful for your vast knowledge and willingness to work through all of these results. We feel reassured and hopeful! Thank you so much.”
~ L&D F. – Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Dr. Grace patiently reviewed every facet of my health plan. She coordinated with my out-of-state practitioners for my continued care.  She is kind and gentle when supporting and reminding me how to take care of my body appropriately, and why advice I find online might not apply well to my situation.  She is willing to go the extra mile to help you get the individualized care you need. She reviewed every supplement I am taking, and every supplement from another online practitioner that I am working with and helped me to optimize the supplements specifically for me, even though I did not purchase one supplement from her. I am so grateful to have found her!”  ~ M.L. – Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Dr. Grace

A Trusted Partner on Your Healing Journey

Dr. Grace has been studying natural and functional medicine for over 25 years and practicing in Colorado since 2008.
Over the years Dr. Grace has trained with over thirty international organizations and well-known leaders in the integrative and functional medicine arena. She holds several certifications and memberships with various groups including Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine, Institute for Functional Medicine, International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine, Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine, The Kharrazian Institute, Functional Medicine University, The Kalish Institute, and many more.
Many functional practitioners offer “one-size-fits-all programs” and while these can be effective for 40-60% of the general population, most people’s unique biochemistry and medical history require a more individualized approach.
Dr. Jacqui Slavin

Dr. Slavin is your dedicated health ally, supporting you with practical and personalized care.
Each experience is tailored to your unique circumstances and goals.

Historical, Current & ‘Gold-Standard’ Research

Over the past two decades, Dr. Grace has evolved her practice by building her knowledge base and incorporating advancements in evaluation, testing options and therapeutic modalities. This holistic approach utilizes a combination of evidence-based therapies and lifestyle modification to address the underlying imbalances and support the body’s innate healing ability.

Bio-Individual and Integrative Approach

Dr. Grace’s approach to Functional Wellness places bio-individuality at the foundation of each client’s health plan. Lifestyle, testing and supplementation recommendations are personalized for each client. We don’t do cookie-cutter programs!
Functional medicine aims to promote and restore the body’s optimal functioning. It is appropriate for chronic conditions that have not fully responded to conventional medical care alone, as well as for those who would like a truly personalized view on health management options.

First-Hand Experience

(I have traveled a similar path)

With over thirty years on my own health journey, hundreds of doctor visits, medications, protocols, thousands of supplements, and struggles, I am able to help you uncover and focus on the most pressing and core issues of your health concerns.  (No more hopping from one practitioner to another, starting at the beginning with one-sized-fits-all-protocol).

Begin Your Journey


Deep-dive into your lab results, personal and medical history. Every one of us has a story, and our unique stories provide insight into the root of our health challenges.

I listen deeply to your personal and medical history, seeking out the little clues that you may not think are important.


In combination with your previous, or new lab results, like a medical detective, we start to put the pieces of your puzzle together to help make sense of your situation.


You and I are a team! We work together to personalize your healthcare plan designed specifically to meet your unique situation, goals, and need for support.
In combination with your previous, or new lab results, like a medical detective, we start to put the pieces of your puzzle together to help make sense of your situation.

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Dr.  Grace Slavin, D.C.
Integrative and Functional Medicine

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