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Experience a collaborative approach to your healthcare with Dr. Slavin, D.C. where your unique genetic, mind-body, and environmental factors guide every step.

Dr. Slavin’s practice makes you feel heard, seen, and not judged. She supports you where your health & wellness currently are and helps you get them where you want them to be. If you’re looking for a dedicated health ally, Dr. Slavin, D.C. is the wellness partner you need to connect with today.

You Deserve More Than Compartmentalized Symptomatic Treatments

Take Action Today…

❌ Before Things become Unfixable

If you have been struggling with your health, Dr. Slavin, D.C.’s Integrative Functional Medicine helps you identify and address the patterns in your life that have brought you to this point of dis-ease. It is a chance to change the course of the rest of your life and an opportunity to fix things before they become unfixable. 

❌ Intercept Irreversible Illness

With Dr. Slavin, D.C.’s knowledge, insight, and discernment, we are able to focus our treatments upstream by identifying problems early on while they are still correctible. In doing so, we change the downstream effects and prevent more serious, sometimes irreversible illness before it ever develops. 

❌ Before it Gets Worse

Most individuals are experiencing a host of symptoms that are common and are often thought of as normal. However, these symptoms are actually warning signs that something is not quite right and needs to be addressed before it gets worse. Dr. Slavin, D.C., like you, is proactive when it comes to your health and wellness. 

Has this been your healthcare experience?

Where insurance restrictions and limited interaction with your doctor leads to quick, surface-level “diagnosis”, just treating symptoms and not looking for a real answer.
Being told there’s nothing you can do but take a prescription to manage symptoms.

Dr. Slavin, D.C.'s Integrative Functional Wellness Practice is Different!

Dr. Slavin, D.C. considers the patient as a whole human being including how the body, mind, and spirit affect health. This holistic focus means looking at the physical, emotional, environmental, historical, and generational impacts of stress on your health. Together we will dig as deep as we can to find the underlying dysfunction manifesting the symptoms. Then, addressing those core dysfunctions so that symptoms resolve on their own, creating true health in the process.

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* Deep Dive into Your Lab Results

Dr. Slavin, D.C.’s practice address the root causes of…Inflammation, Low Energy, Digestive Distress, Hormone Imbalance, Metabolic Issues, (Auto)Immunity, Poor Sleep, Stubborn Weight, Anxiety, and more.

* Historical and Current Medical Research

Over the past two decades, Dr. Slavin, D.C., has evolved her practice by building her knowledge base and incorporating advancements in testing, evaluation and treatment options.

* Integrative and Holistic Approach

Get your healthcare from someone who knows better than to dismiss your input and treats you with respect as an integrated and whole human being deserving of a healthy life.

* First-hand Experience

Dr. Slavin, D.C., has been unraveling the integrative impact of her life experiences, environmental exposures, and genetic makeup to bring healing to her mind, body, and life.

You Deserve to Experience Optimal Health and Vitality

Dr. Slavin, D.C.’s Integrative and Functional Medicine Practice does not settle for results that simply confirm there is no immediate health emergency. She instead works to move your biomarkers into what are considered to be the most optimal range of health and vitality in order to help you not just simply survive, but actually thrive in your life.

I was referred to Dr. Slavin, D.C. by another practitioner who had said – don’t give up hope until you talk to Dr. Slavin, D.C. – she can figure things out! He was right! She painstakingly investigated everything that had happened to me. She reviewed the doctors’ notes, all the labs and x-rays and MRIs. We did a few different types of tests to assess different functioning of my body and figured out what was missing and how to get my body to heal.
I am back at work and doing endurance events – I am so grateful!

– Joe – Edwards, CO

After the detailed consultation, Dr. Slavin, D.C. helped us identify all the places where things were different and contributing to my son not being able to recover. Her targeted testing – as she expected – revealed genetic variability, that compounded with his deficiencies were affecting his performance, his mood, and his physiology. Now, he is back at school, training again, feeling better mentally and physically! You have given us our son back!

– Holly S. – Eagle, CO

I have never had someone listen to me so closely, and write down word for word what I said, and then relay it back to me in a way that incorporates all my symptoms and makes sense of things that I would never have put together.

– Jeff D – Avon, CO

Your Health, Your Journey

Dr. Slavin, D.C. Is Your Trusted Partner

Bringing You Two Decades of Integrative Functional Medicine Expertise to Transform Your Wellness Journey.

Extending to You Effective Care That Truly Listens, Understands, and Partners with You for Whole Health.

Backed by Training and Certification:

    • Colorado Chiropractic License
    • Doctor of Chiropractic from Northeast College of Health Science, formerly New York Chiropractic College
    • Medical Acupuncture Certificate from McMaster University, Ontario, Canada

Dr.  Grace Slavin, D.C.

Integrative and Functional Medicine

Legal Name: Dr. Jacqui Slavin, D.C.


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