“Common” is Not “Normal” – “I Feel Better and Lost Weight Without Trying”

For at least 40 years I suffered from a lot of gas and bloating particularly at night – I thought this was normal.belching
Several doctors said the same thing.  “Don’t eat this or that food”, and mainly related to “spicy” food that I did not eat anyway.
It became obvious that they had no idea what the cause of the problem was.

My kids definitely let me know I was STINKY! And my sisters loudly complained about the belching!

Last year as part of my annual physical I had a routine blood test.  The doctors’ office called back with the results and said that everything was normal.
My wife has been under Dr. Jacqui’s care for some time, so I sent the blood test results over to her to review.

Dr. Jacqui called and said she was concerned about a few items on the test and suggested that get some more detailed, specific laboratory testing.
I called my regular doctor said he said that as far as he was concerned my results were really good and wished that his own results were as good as mine.

I let Dr. Jacqui know what the doctor said, and she indicated that she felt that I had a low grade infection could be suffering from “Leaky Gut Syndrome”.
After a thorough evaluation of my history, symptoms and lab results she recommended that I stop eating bread, and other products containing Gluten, as well as take some supplements to help with digestion.  She explained that even though some of these symptoms are common – they are not “normal”, and are actually a sign of dysfunction.

Since November 2012, I have only eaten Gluten free bread and other Gluten free foods.

My bloating and gas problems are completely gone and I have also lost more than 20 lbs. – without even trying!

Thank you Dr. Jacqui for help identifying the cause of my problems and eliminating the discomfort I had for so many years.