Personalized Genetic Support – MTHFR & Other Genetic Variations


Dr. Jacqui has studied with Ben Lynch, Amy Yasko, Jeff Bland, Brandon Lundell and others for over a decade.
The MTHFR variants, the methylation process and all the other genetic variations are not a simple as some may make it seem. There are layers of complexity to understanding the hierarchy and layers affecting each individual. A “one size fits all” or “cookie cutter approach” can actually make some people feel worse (or actually produce harm).
We utilize a comprehensive, personalized approach – investigating how your body is currently functioning, and determining a step-by-step and measured approach.
We assess what your body is currently doing, and based on how we would like to alter the function, in line with what your body is capable of, we implement incremental changes and evaluate the progress. Moving to the next step only when it is safe to do so.
If you have the MTHFR variant, and you decide to work together, please understand that it may be vitally important that we address other items that we uncover, before diving into the MTHFR “solution”.
The MTHFR variant can affect mood and focus; heart health; the risk for developing several types of cancer; the body’s ability to detoxify- possibly leading to conditions like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome; may be linked to multiple miscarriages, infertility and other sex hormone complexities.
MTHFR variants are only “part of the picture”, and a great place to begin the conversation.
Please contact us today to discuss how we can help you.