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Nutrition For Sports Performance

Whether you are weekend warrior or elite athlete, appropriate nutrition for your level of activity and your unique genetics is critical to your performance.

Fueling the body and Recovery from are very different in terms of food and nutrient requirements. Not only in terms calories and electrolytes, but various chemical and physical stresses and their influence on YOUR body.

Nutrition for Sports Performance includes a detailed analysis of your training and competition cycle, your metabolic requirements, analysis of blood work as a window into metabolic function, as well as options for advanced evaluation including Micronutrient (vitamins and minerals), Stress- (adrenal) and Sex-Hormones, Inflammatory Markers, Essential Fatty Acid, Toxins and Detoxification / Antioxidant levels, Energy Production Pathways etc.

Nutrient deficiencies and other metabolic dysfunction can lead to “over-training” and has the potential to ruin hundreds of hours of preparation and dollars spent for an event.  Even if you do not compete, over-training can result in physical pain, chronic fatigue, mood changes, decreased motivation, decreased libido, weigh-gain, poor sleep and many other issues that reduce your zest for life.

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.  Set yourself up for success with a Nutrition for Sports Performance consultation.  Packages begin at just $395.