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Alzheimer's Prevention – Balance Your Blood Sugar

TIME magazine has a tiny paragraph on a new “enzyme” drug that might help Alzheimer’s patients whose body is not removing the characteristic Beta Amyloid plaque in the brain. The LA Times article below states that there “seems to be a link” between Diabetes and the development of these plaques. WELL OF COURSE THERE IS… the enzyme is IDE – Insulin Degrading Enzyme… if you do not balance your blood sugar properly, you have insulin surges to compensate. When you have insulin surges, there is too much insulin in the body (and brain) and Insulin Degrading Enzyme in the brain has to work overtime removing insulin – guess what gets ignored – removing the plaque! Balance your blood sugar, improve your life today and tomorrow.
Please call Dr. Slavin to find out how to check for insulin and blood sugar imbalance. Prevention today for your brain, for something that you may not ever be able to fix, and is devastating to both your quality of life and your family’s. – LA Times Article

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