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Fibromyalgia linked to Thyroid Dysfunction

Did you know that many of the symptoms associated with thyroid dysfunction are often present in people diagnosed with “fibromyalgia” but often overlooked.

One of the common symptoms of thyroid dysfunction includes myofacial pain and tender trigger points.  Travell and Simmons – experts in the detection and treatment of muscle dysfunction noted many decades ago that some patients did not respond as expected to their muscle therapies and conventional treatment with B vitamins.  These patients, they determined were suffering from “hypometabolism” due to inadequate thyroid hormone regulation.

Patients that present with muscle pain may not report other common hypo (low) thyroid symptoms including:

  • hair loss
  • weight gain
  • dry skin

Yet, when investigating further, many of these patients reporting muscle pain and fatigue do experience the common hypothyroid symptoms.

More to come Monday Feb 28.

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