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At Functional Wellness, we offer Functional Nutrition Programs tailored to help you optimize your nutritional goals, lose weight safely and keep it off.

Our customized weight-loss programs have helped hundreds of patients who have been unsuccessful elsewhere, lose the weight they desired.

Based on your current physical condition, your weight-loss goals, and any medical concerns, we prepare customized nutrition and supplement plans to suit your individual needs.

We offer a wide range of programs for your nutritional goals

  • Diet and Lifestyle Plans – Basic Weight-loss Program
  • Supplement Supported Protocols – Advanced Weight-loss Program
  • Doctor Supervised Rapid Weight-Loss Programs – Accelerated Weight-loss Program

The proverbial  “CALORIES IN ~ CALORIES OUT”

Commonplace information on weight-loss preaches that you either have to control the quantity of food intake, or the quantity of energy expenditure (or both).

Often this DOES NOT provide results for even the most diligent of dieters!

Our comprehensive programs include in-depth examination of your current diet and lifestyle, weight-loss history, and laboratory evaluations of your metabolic status to

Not all calories are created equal – read more….

Fat is not the villain it has been made out to be for the past several decades.  Fat is essential to proper health.  Every cell in our body is composed of a lipid bi-layer, we have subcutaneous fat to
insulates the body from “sticks and stone” as well as the elements, and fat provides a protection and cushioning around organs such as the heart and kidneys.  So the body knows that fat is important
for survival and preferentially stores fat if the body feels there is a “threat”.  Stress is the most common type of “threat” that the body experiences.  Whether it is emotional, physical, structural or
chemical, any stress that lasts a long time puts the body into “protection from the threat” mode – which is actually the same as “store-fat” mode.

In order to “lose weight” you actually want to lose FAT, not lean muscle, we have to convince the body that there is no longer a threat and that in can move out of fat-storage mode and into
fat-burning mode.  It is important to determine the various types of stress your body is experiencing to understand whether it is in “protection mode”, before you can truly be successful in
losing weight.