Therapeutic Benefit of Nutritional Supplement – Approved by Federal Canadian Health Department

You may not know that supplement manufacturers and practitioners are not allowed to make claims about the use of nutritional supplements or botanical medicines for the “treatment” of diseases or conditions.  What we are allowed to say is that these items may have been shown to be supportive or adjunctive or palliative to the nutrition or dietary aspects of a person.  Researchers however, through various testing methodologies and trials are allowed to say that a substance has been shown to be therapeutic or provide some type of benefit to patients with a disease or condition.  In the United States the FDA regulates these claims, and every supplement manufacturer usually has a disclaimer on every label of every product they produce stating something to the effect of

fda statement

In a recent announcement however, the Canadian version of the FDA – the Federal Canadian Health Department, Health Canada has approved two significant claims related to the use of two specific probiotic products manufactured Pharmax (a company we use a lot at Functional Wellness), for the treatment of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and for Post Antibiotic Care (usually diarrhea and other gastrointestinal related dysfunction).