Weight Loss Lies

Have you been told these LIES when it comes to dieting and losing fat?

It’s not your fault you have been lied to. Most people have failed in an effort to lose weight because they have believed one or more of these lies:

LIE #1:

“Eat fewer calories and you will lose weight.”

The REAL Truth:

Low calorie diets completely damage your metabolism and never result in long term weight loss. What’s more important is where your calories come from, NOT the actual number. You must manipulate your calories each day at each meal to enhance your metabolism’s ability to no longer store fat, WITHOUT being hungry.

LIE #2:

“Eat Low-Fat to Lose Fat”

The REAL Truth:

Low Fat foods have made Americans even more overweight and unhealthy than they were before the low fat craze. The truth is the only way to lose fat is by eating fat. Find out exactly which fats to include into each one of your meals to ensure a fat burning furnace.

LIE #3:

“Low Carb diets are the fastest way to lose weight”

The REAL Truth:

Low Carb diets never work long term and they make you feel miserable in the process. You suffer from headaches, muscle aches and horrible constipation.

You don’t need to give up all carbs to lose the stubborn fat off your body!  Learn exactly which carbs will burn fat off your body while giving you energy and which carbs are preventing you from losing your unwanted fat.